At home?!  Impossible. And yet!
Many of us usually brew coffee in the run and in daily bustle, simply pouring it with hot water, adding milk and sugar – and it is done!  And if we want to indulge in a cup of really delicious coffee, we go to the cafe, convinced that we are not able to make a comparable fine drink. Meanwhile, this belief is wrong! Contrary to what is commonly believed, we are able to brew at home really delicious coffee, not deviating from the quality served in even at the best cafes.
Brewing a coffee is a ritual. There is something magical about it. But there are some rules that you must strictly follow to make the perfect coffee at home. We will need a few ingredients.


Good quality coffee beans.
This is the most important ingredient in perfect brew. If we want to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, we should forget about an instant coffee – it’s just another category of coffee. It is best to use the excellent Arabica coffee. Especially we can recommend Superb Antioxidant Coffee from Living Good Coffee. It is extraordinary for its taste and healthy components. Due to the fact that it is roasted with a modern, fully ecological method, this coffee is very aromatic with a deep taste, while still full of quality typical for natural organic coffee. This allows to get rid of the taste of bitterness and preserve the maximum amount of antioxidants and nutritional value of coffee.
Once the coffee beans have been purchased we grind them just before brewing, so that as much of the hidden aroma and the specific taste of coffee goes to our cup. The rest of the coffee should be protected against the loss of aroma. Keep the beans in a cool, tightly sealed container and use as much as you need to prepare the current portion of the coffee.


Good coffee maker.
Some would say that is the basis, but not everyone can afford a high-quality espresso machine. In fact, we are able to brew excellent coffee using a simple espresso machine or coffee percolator. We can also experiment with making coffee in Turkish and Arabic style. If we use a pressure coffee maker or coffee percolator, we must remember to use the proper kind of grind coffee – we place a medium ground coffee in the coffee percolator, while the pressure coffee maker needs finely ground coffee.


Water is an important factor that can completely change the taste of the infusion. It would be ideal to prepare the infusion from low-mineralized and tasteless spring water, just as connoisseurs do. At home, it is wise to purge the water by passing it through a carbon filter. This will allow you to get rid of any impurities and foreign substances that could affect the taste of coffee. Depending on the method of brewing, remember to use cold water and bring it to a boil, and stop at 97 ° C (206.6 ° F) and then use it to brew coffee. Of course, proportions are also important – but ultimately the ratio of water to coffee, conditioning the power of infusion, is a matter of individual taste.


Serving coffee.
There is no ideal way. Serve it as you like it. We recommend cups of high quality thin porcelain, preferably preheated before brewing coffee in. Thanks to that coffee will not get cold soon. Coffee conservatives argue that the best coffee is served without sugar, milk and any of the supplements. They say it is only then that you can best feel the taste and depth of aroma of a specific type of coffee. It is good to take as a base a strong espresso and add to it water and milk in any volume. Coffee can be varied in many ways: milk, cream, supplements (cardamom, flavored syrups, spices, etc.).


And now enjoy your perfectly home brewed cup of coffee.