Tomorrow is Saturday! Finally, the long awaiting weekend!

It’s not just the perfect time to catch up, but first and foremost to take a break.

Coffee at the beginning of the day will improve humor and add energy. If your Saturday is going to be busy, the more you should use the coffee as a booster.


The best way to start a free day is to drink your favorite coffee, but not as usual – running around, ready to leave home with a handbag in one hand. When every day is accompanied by haste, such a moment of pleasure will certainly relax you. Make coffee and do something for yourself, and you will see that smile will appear on your face!


Speaking of coffee, we are curious what kind of coffee you would choose for this weekend. We, of course, chose organic Superb Antioxidant Coffee from Living Good Coffee. Coffee is exquisite and very aromatic with rich, deep taste. The recommended method of brewing this coffee is Drip or FrenchPress. However, we encourage you to try out other methods of brewing – you will probably be positively surprised as well .


How else can you go crazy with a coffee over the weekend? Surely these few days can be used to learn something new, to experiment. You can learn how to make a new coffee drink and surprise your friends with it. Recipes for delicious coffee-based drinks will be placed in subsequent posts :).


We hope this gave you a few good suggestions for the weekend. Take advantage of these few days to recharge your body with energy for weeks to come!


Have a sunny and pleasant weekend!