Hot, sun-kissed summer at full swing, and you lack energy? Would you like to have a cup of coffee, but the thought of hot drink takes away all your desire to make one?


It is difficult to imagine the start of a day without freshly brewed, hot coffee. It energizes, activates, gives a feeling of strength. Coffee, the creator of good mood, is the most popular beverage in the world; and with so many cultures, there are so many ways to prepare it. We can have it with milk, cream, alcohol or lemon juice – although the possibilities are endless, most often due to lack of time and idea, we choose traditional black coffee.


But when the heat outside is unbearable, some people don’t find the thought of hot, traditionally made beverage very appealing. High temperatures do not favor heavy, hot drinks. That’s why for seekers of unknown tastes in the well-known world of coffee we offer new taste – Superb Antioxidant Coffee of Living Good Coffee. It was based on the grains of an exclusive Arabica coffee. These beans go through a special roasting process that allows preserving the quality of natural organic coffee that highlights its wonderful taste and aroma, while preserving all the nutrients. This coffee is certified by Healthy Roast and USDA Organic, which certifies its natural process of planting, harvesting and roasting.

This coffee will give you strength and energy for the rest of the day, thanks to a stimulating natural caffeine that does invigorate the mind and body. It also strengthens concentration and improves your focus. It has a taste of freshly roasted coffee that is hard to forget.


This type of coffee is also a very good base for refreshing iced coffee – just add a little bit of water, some cold milk and a few ice cubes to get a shot of energy for an entire hot day. You can add a scoop of ice cream or a portion of whipped cream as well.  The coffee prepared that way will keep you in a perfect mood throughout whole day, because who does not like the small pleasures …