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Unconventional ways to use coffee.

Many of us value a cup of good coffee. Some people can’t  imagine a day without it. Certainly, it helps to keep us going in the morning and take on our daily duties. It turns out that not only does coffee have beneficial properties but also …. coffee grounds! See for yourself how many ways […]


Third wave coffee?!

    Everybody is talking about it, but what is it?   Mostly that means that there was a First and a Second Wave coffee. What are those so-called waves? They represent a big change in the coffee world, the revolution in its production and brewing. And so:

Fresh coffee and old grinder

How to grind coffee

A very important step in the ritual of coffee brewing is to select the right grind size for the method the coffee will be brewed. The general rule is that the longer is the contact time of coffee beans and the water, the coarser in size the beans should be. To put it simply:   […]

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What does your favorite coffee say about your personality.

Recently, a study conducted that examined the habits of 1,000 coffee drinkers. The survey assessed what types of coffee people typically drank and associated those habits with numerous psychological styles and personality traits. This is what they found:   The black coffee drinker: – straightforward – likes to keep things simple – quiet, but moody […]

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How to read your coffee

A good coffee can be recognized by its unique aroma and the coffee type by its taste. If you are not quite sure how to identify a good coffee, you can use the taste profile described below. It determines the body, acidity, bitterness and balance of coffee. Its taste consists of a few factors:   […]

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Coffee and your health

Starting your every day with a cup of coffee? Check out the benefits.   For majority of people a cup of coffee is the best way to start the day. Coffee wakes us up with its taste and aroma and prepares us for the hardships of the day. As it turns out, it not only […]