Recently, a study conducted that examined the habits of 1,000 coffee drinkers. The survey assessed what types of coffee people typically drank and associated those habits with numerous psychological styles and personality traits. This is what they found:


The black coffee drinker:

– straightforward

– likes to keep things simple

– quiet, but moody

– all about minimalism


The espresso drinker:

– takes on leadership

– hard-working, but moody

– knows how to get what they want


The latte drinker:

– tends to be neurotic

– likes to please people

– often indecisive when it comes to making decisions


The cappuccino drinker:

– obsessive and controlling

– creative, honest and motivated

– makes excellent friends, but gets bored with unimaginative people


The frappuccino drinker:

– will try anything once

– trend setter

– adventurous and courageous

– does not make healthy choices


The instant coffee drinker:

– cheerful and optimistic

– laid back

– tends to put things off


The soy milk drinker:

– high-maintenance

– detail-oriented

– self-righteous and self-centered


But at the end, how you make your favorite coffee, is not really that significant. More important is what kind of coffee you use for your brew. Because that is the basis of your drink. What we recommend for it is an organic Superb Antioxidant Coffee from Living Good Coffee. This coffee is exquisite and very aromatic with rich, deep taste.



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