Everybody is talking about it, but what is it?


Mostly that means that there was a First and a Second Wave coffee. What are those so-called waves? They represent a big change in the coffee world, the revolution in its production and brewing. And so:


*First Wave: coffee for masses (1920’s – 1960’s)

– coffee gets popular among the masses, and the general consumer was able to easily access coffee daily at home or at the office

– instant coffee becomes popular

– vacuum packaging of coffee

– the taste of First Wave coffee was weak and had lots of acidity

– it was quantity over quality so people had to put a lot of cream and sugar in their coffee to make up for the taste

The main purpose of First Wave coffee is popularization of coffee.


*Second Wave: coffee shops (late 1960’s – 1990’s)

– it is a reaction to the “bad coffee being marketed under the first wave

– first coffee chains were introduced to the market, such as Starbucks

– coffee chains brought higher quality coffees to the masses

– coffee machines became popular

– moving the focus from Robusta Coffee (traditionally used in instant coffee) to Arabica Coffee

– dark roast and espresso became everyday coffee drinks

– people started learning about coffee beans and how it is brewed

– modifying the drink to taste anything other than coffee by adding: sweeteners, sprinkles, syrups, whipped cream and milk.

The main purpose of Second Wave coffee is to enjoy and socialize – the social experience of drinking coffee became more important than the artisan process of producing coffee.


*Third Wave: high-quality coffee (1990’s to now)

– coffee drinkers became interested in the character of the coffee itself: where it’s from, how it’s created, who trades it, who roasts it, and how it’s brewed

– high-quality beans (a.k.a. specialty coffees) and light roast were introduced

– adding to espresso drinks, hand-drip coffees (with carefully chosen tools), new coffee brewing methods, such as French press, Chemex, V60, Aeropress

– people started considering coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity

– choosing single origin coffee to make one brew

– development of the latte art

Third Wave is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and where coffee drinkers learn to pay more attention to and respect the style of coffee, rather than just seeing it as a liquid to put in their mouths.


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