Many of us value a cup of good coffee. Some people can’t  imagine a day without it. Certainly, it helps to keep us going in the morning and take on our daily duties. It turns out that not only does coffee have beneficial properties but also …. coffee grounds! See for yourself how many ways you can use them.


Coffee grounds can be used as:


zastosowania kawy nr 1 pl– insect repeller

– pan scourer

– compost

– makes your hair shinier

– speeds up painkillers

– whiteboard cleaner

– stops headaches

– palate cleanser

– meat mazastosowania kawy nr 2 plrinade / tenderizer

– paint

– facial exfoliant

– reduces cellulite

– unblocks sinks

– reduces under-eye puffiness

– cleans up fireplace ashes

– homemadzastosowania kawy nr 3 ple candles, soap bars

– increases metabolism

– covers wooden furniture scratches

– deodorizes hands after cutting garlic

– reduces musty smells in the fridge

– breath freshener

– intensifies the color of flowers

– flea rezastosowania kawy nr 4 plpellent

– homemade dry shampoo


It’s amazing how many different ways coffee can come in handy in life.

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