At Living Good Coffee, our company is all about healthy living and bringing a healthy lifestyle into your home. We are an innovative and health conscious company that produces only the highest quality coffee products for you to enjoy.

Our first product that we will be introducing is our Superb Antioxidant Coffee line. Did you know Superb Antioxidant Coffee has six (6) times more antioxidants than your regular cup?

Our Mission

Living Good Coffee strives to improve both your health and life as a whole with superior quality products and values that are produced in ways that are GOOD for the environment and for humanity. We partner with charitable organizations dedicated to helping children and families, making a difference in the communities in which we live and work in every day.

How are Superb Antioxidant Coffee beans harvested?

The coffee beans are planted and grown at high altitudes with less oxygen so the bean has time to mature and develop a full, rich and delicate flavor.

The coffee is actually a small cherry that is made up of two coffee beans and is handpicked at ideal ripeness.

Within hours of picking, the cherries are de-pulped, fermented to remove the fruit film, washed, and then sun dried.

The beans are extracted from the cherry. Only the finest quality ones make our cut. Samples of the beans are examined, roasted, ground, brewed and tasted by experts to certify their quality. The beans are roasted to our unique blend specifications using our proprietary process.

Our roasting professionals “cup” or analyze our coffee for aromas, texture, sweetness, acidity and flavor to ensure it meets our high standards.

Enjoy “A better day in every cup”