Introducing Living Good Coffee

Living Good Coffee…a great tasting premium healthy coffee…the latest in coffee innovation!
Now you can enjoy your coffee and lose the guilt! How? First off, we import high quality raw, green Arabica coffee berries that are handpicked in Costa Rica and shipped out to our special roasters.

These beans then undergo a special roasting process, a technology that retains the healthy nutrients and antioxidant properties of the beans as compared to a traditional roasting process. The result is a healthy coffee that is packed with antioxidants only found in our coffee beans! Go ahead and compare our healthy roasted beans with that of a traditional roasted beans and you can visibly see the difference!

Living Good Coffee uses a triple patented Healthy Roast process. Our team of Food Scientists has developed and patented a healthy roasting process that retains the powerful polyphenol antioxidants present in the raw, green coffee bean. Living Good Coffee is introducing a unique, great tasting healthy coffee that has six (6) times the antioxidants than the regular coffee.
Coffee is one of the most consumed beverage in the world. If you are looking for a healthy coffee alternative in your daily diet, we are in a unique.

Is coffee already rich in antioxidants?

Unroasted coffee beans are one of the richest sources of antioxidants, particularly potent plant-based antioxidants known as polyphenols. Unfortunately most of these powerful antioxidants never make into your coffee cup because the traditional roasting process destroys them. Our Superb Antioxidant Coffee is made with an exclusive roasting process that preserves the natural antioxidant value of coffee beans.

What makes Superb Antioxidant Coffee so healthy?

The Healthy Roast Process™ offers a uniquely healthy, deliciously robust cup of coffee because it has more antioxidants than any other coffee and most foods. Developed by a team of food scientists, Superb Antioxidant Coffee retains the powerful polyphenol antioxidants present in the raw, green coffee bean.
The significant antioxidants are roasted out of the coffee during the traditional roasting process, while ours retains these powerful antioxidants.[del Casstillo MD, Ames LM, Gordon MH. J Agric Food Chem.2002 Jun19;50(13);3698-703].
Through the powerful and patented Healthy Roast Process™, we are able to offer the enormous world of premium coffee drinkers, a delicious and HEALTHY cup of JAVA! One of the world’s greatest food science teams has spent the last seven years perfecting a patented method of replacing the valuable antioxidants that are removed from other premium brand coffees during the roast process.

What is the Healthy Roast® process?

Our Superb Antioxidant Coffee is made with an exclusive, triple-patented Healthy Roast® process. This 100% natural process is the culmination of years of research and development from food scientists. The Healthy Roast® process extracts and concentrates the antioxidants from the coffee bean into liquid then carefully meters it into the coffee at the end of the roasting process. Essentially, we take the antioxidants out, roast the beans, and then put them back in without affecting the taste or aroma. Every batch of coffee is also measured for antioxidant content by a third-party laboratory before it can be called Antioxidant Coffee. The HEALTHY ROAST® process is a 100% natural process that gives our Superb Antioxidant Coffee 50% more antioxidant strength than all other premium brands and up to 100% more antioxidant strength than 90% of all the coffee sold in the US market.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Provides a defense against damaging free radicals
Supports the immune system
Helps lower risk of heart disease
Promotes overall wellness and greater health
Helps increase energy and stamina

Is Superb Antioxidant coffee good for the environment?

We respect the land and the people that share in our passion for great coffee. You won’t find any pesticides, commercial fertilizers or chemicals of any kind in our coffee bean process which has earned us the distinction of being certified 100% USDA organic. Our plantation is Rainforest Alliance certified to ensure that our farmers are treated well as well as our commitment to protecting the environment, wildlife, workers and local communities.